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What's So Special

About Mushrooms?

When delving into the study of mushrooms – a science known as "mycology" – there is a lot of exciting information to take in!  Every year new studies illustrate how capable fungi are in enriching our lives on Earth.  Here are some impressive examples: 

  • Fungi are capable of breaking down plastics and toxic substances, cleaning up oil and other pollutants, revitalizing contaminated ecosystems, improving physical health through food and medication, and even creating substitutes for building and packaging materials.

  • Termed “the internet of the forest,” a fungi's mycelium – the intricate underground web of root-like filaments from which mushrooms are formed – connects trees and plants to one another thereby distributing the nutrients they require for survival.  Without mycelium it is likely that life would not be sustainable on land.

  • This mycelium is responsible for 90% of all decomposition on earth – and only time will tell how specialized and widespread this recycling process will become.  

Through fungi, we are looking toward a more sustainable future and a healthier planet Earth!

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