Thank You for Your Curiosity

Updated: May 2, 2019

As our social media accounts continue to grow by the thousands, I can't help but to radiate gratitude.

My dear friends:

Thanks to you, I am continuously driven to learn. I see new corners of the world and meet people globally every day. I am able to share my passion for mushrooms, for nature, and for life on earth. I am able to be a teacher, a friend, a mentor, a mycophile, and a nature nerd. I am able to see the world through new eyes, And can now recognize that inspiration is an excellent tool for motivating change in the way we interact with the natural world.

I can’t do any of this without you. When I first started posting mushroom photos on this account it was solely for community.  I wanted to share my photographs with people who would appreciate them.  It didn’t take long, though, before this page became more of a hub for sharing stories and knowledge – and very quickly I was granted a platform where I could express my passion for mushrooms with people who were curious to see and learn more.

That is the greatest gift:  your curiosity. I want to thank you deeply for being curious. 

Curiosity for nature is something that we lack significantly in the world we live in – yet is such a gift that most people overlook.  You possess this gift; you are able to see our world a little bit differently.  Our intrigue for nature is the first hook that pulls us back to our roots and into a space where Mother Nature is of prime importance. That is where we, as people, need to be. Where nature has value. And where that value equates to respect.

My goal is to inspire respect for Mother Nature, and to do that I want to show you her value.  I believe that true learning occurs when a teacher does not merely tell something, but shows something.  I have no intention of forcing my opinions on you.  Rather, I want you to harness your own curiosity, intrigue, and awe.  To create your own opinions.  I want you to make your own decisions and learn in your own ways.  And to do that, I simply want to show you her beauty – through the weird and wild world of fungi.  By hitting “follow” you have illustrated your openness to curiosity – and to me, curiosity for nature means hope.  Your curiosity for mushrooms means hope.  It means that together we all have the chance to make a difference. My goal is not simply to tell you how incredibly beautiful nature can be; my goal is to show you.  From there, anything is possible. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.


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