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Mycorrhiza: The Unseen Symbiotic Relationship Between Trees, Plants and Fungi

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Did you know that many species of fungi, known as "mycorrhizal" mushrooms, actually communicate and share resources underground with neighboring plants and trees? They do this using an unseen "network" of mycelial roots that has been collectively termed the "Wood Wide Web."

Did you know that many forests, such as redwoods, would not exist without these mycorrhizal mushrooms? This is true!

Here is an excellent, brief overview about this phenomenon by BBC Earth:

Today, over 90% of all plants and trees maintain this fascinating mycorrhizal relationship with fungi. This partnership is even present in the fossil record, dating back as far as 450 million years ago!


Featured image (purple mycorrhizal mushroom):

"Gassy Webcap" (Cortinarius traganus)

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