Stop Comparing - You Are Unique

Lately, despite great effort, I can’t seem to stop comparing myself to others when it comes to my work. I keep trying to remind myself that what I create is unique – and while no doubt there are hundreds of other mushroom photographers – none of them can share in my perspective. That is reserved only for me, and for my work. It is one of a kind, just as I am.

This applies to you too. You are one of a kind. In a world of billions, there is only one you. You are the only you this world will ever get – and you offer a distinctive perspective that no one but you can provide.

SO STOP COMPARING! (C’mon, Anna – listen to your own advice.)

My work is not only unique, it is important – and thanks to the many of you who reach out so often to share the kindest words about my photography, I not only believe it, I can see purpose in it. You have given me the gifts of both confidence and purpose – and that purpose is to share my perspective – that which no one else can.

The same goes for you. Your work is important, and so are you! Don’t be afraid to marvel in your magnificence!

So keep sharing your perspective – and be proud of it – that which no one but you can present to the world. Don’t let others intimidate you – rather, let them inspire you to work harder toward who you want to be and how you want to present yourself and your creativity in this world. Let yourself shine in the way you know best. No one can take that away from you.

I believe in you, and I believe in us.

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