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Things to Know About Me!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023


I know I have an "About Me" section on my website, as well as a blog post "Then and Now: Who is The Friendly Fungus?", but sometimes bullet points can be the preferred method of learning, right?

I'd love to share a little about me with you!...

  1. I've been perfecting the art of fungi photography for just under 10 years!

  2. My photographs celebrate the beauty of fungi from all over California; most notably, Mendocino County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

  3. I’ve spent years of trial and error determining how to best find and capture beautiful mushrooms. I had to learn the best ways to utilize my camera and lighting, find the right places to go and when to visit them, determine what to wear to prepare for often harsh conditions, and how to best inspire others with my work.

  4. My top 5 favorite mushrooms are the fly agaric (the traditional red toadstool with white spots), parrot and cherry waxcaps, bird’s nest fungus, and orange peel cups.

  5. I don’t actually eat mushrooms—I only photograph them! Although I do continue to try new fungi-inclusive dishes (my husband is a fabulous chef!), I still have yet to find something I like. Normally, I don’t pick any of the fungi I photograph.

  6. For safety reasons, I don’t elicit any advice regarding the edibility of the mushrooms in my photographs.

  7. I have been fascinated by fungus since I was very young, and I think my inherent fondness for mushrooms comes from Disney’s animated “Fantasia”!

  8. In 2015 I started my own business “Friendly Fungus Photography” and began selling a variety of products I created using my mushroom photographs online, in stores, and at fungus festivals. I’ve met so many wonderful people this way!

  9. I earned my California Naturalist Certification from the University of California in 2017 and have been involved in a variety of interpretive work in mycology.

  10. I am a huge Disney fan, avid plant enthusiast and proud cat mom!

  11. I absolutely love redwood forests! The variety of primordial ferns, intricate mosses, unique fauna (I love banana slugs and salamanders!) and occasional wildflowers are an added bonus.

  12. After several years of hard work, I recently relocated to my favorite place in the whole world and currently live along the picturesque Mendocino Coast in a small studio by the sea with my husband and our cat.

Thanks for reading. ❤️

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