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Why Choose Our Mushroom Note Cards?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Do you send seasonal cards to your family and friends every year? For birthdays, milestones, anniversaries and holidays?

How would you feel about sending a card that doubles as frameable art, handmade by the artist herself? A card so impressive that it’s received like a treasured gift—and one that won’t just be recycled at the end of the season?

Send your loved ones the gift of wonder! Choose our brilliantly colorful and carefully handcrafted mushroom note cards—each featuring a crisp photograph of a weird and wild California mushroom—to deliver life's most important messages!

We stand behind our dazzling note cards for the high quality art that they are. At Friendly Fungus Photography, we have experimented with a variety of different paper products in order to deliver a note card that is of the highest caliber. We don’t just print our photos directly onto paper. Anyone can do that! Our photos are printed in-house onto glossy Canon photo sheets, which we then carefully hand affix onto heavyweight white card stock. All of our cards receive a scientific identification label on the back, equipped with a festive description of the pictured fungus, and each card is hand-stamped with our official silver seal of love and authenticity. Finally, we conduct a quality control inspection on each and every card we create.

A card they can’t bear to part with? Frameable art delivered to their fingertips? It’s totally worth it! Support a small business and send your greetings in the form of art with Friendly Fungus Photography note cards!

Below, you will find a comprehensive view of our current note card inventory, followed by our note card specifications at the bottom. You can shop for every listed item here:


(Each package features 6 different mushroom note cards and 6 white envelopes.)

Christmas Set

Halloween Set

Valentines Day Set

Multi-Celebration Set

(Christmas, Thanksgiving, Saint Patrick's Day, New Years/Independence Day, Halloween)


(Each package features 6 different mushroom note cards and 6 white envelopes.)

Pack 1

Pack 2

Pack 3

Pack 4


(Each package features 6 of the same mushroom note card and 6 white envelopes.)

(Valentine's Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas)


(Each package features 1 mushroom note card and 1 white envelope.)

Holiday Note Cards

(Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years/Independence Day, Birthday)

Every Day Greeting Note Cards

Note card specifications are as follows:

  • Each heavyweight 5” x 7” note card features one enchanting 4” x 6” California mushroom photograph on the cover

  • The cards are constructed from smooth, all-white 250 GSM/92.4 lb card stock and professional glossy Canon photo paper

  • Each card is blank inside with space to add any message of your choice

  • A label on the back of each card provides identification details describing the pictured mushroom

  • One blank white envelope is included with each card

  • Cards are carefully hand-assembled and have been stamped with the official “Friendly Fungus Photography” silver seal of love and authenticity

You can shop for the above listed items here:

A few notes on shipping:

In most cases, I am able and happy to combine shipping! I also offer a refund of any shipping costs that are not used to cover the actual cost of shipping and packaging. To receive combined shipping, please complete checkout. A refund of any shipping costs that are not used to cover the actual cost of shipping and packaging will be provided on the day of shipment, once the total has been determined by USPS.

Sorry; I only ship within the United States.

Free local pick up at the USPS in Fort Bragg, CA is available for orders with a shipping total of over $5 and can be selected at check out. You can also find us at Mendocino County and San Francisco Bay Area events.

Questions? Please get in touch with us at

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