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Why Mushrooms? My Inspiration

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

People often ask me when my infatuation with mushrooms first began – and for the longest time I really wasn’t sure. Representing a time so early in childhood, I couldn’t remember back that far.

But I do remember these cuties:

Disney movies were my general go-to’s when I was younger (okay, still are). I ferociously absorbed the animated films in heavy proportions – “Fantasia” included. Thus I became quite acquainted with these sweet mushrooms as I obsessively watched Fantasia, over and over, and over again.

I’d like to think that these charming chubbers are the source of my obsession. To this day I am spellbound by their delightful demeanors, so gentle, magical and, face it, down right adorable.

Adorable mushrooms.

(I mean look at that baby!)

This infatuation for the aesthetic of mushrooms has spilled out into my photography and quite possibly represents the reason why I’ve eagerly jumped down the proverbial rabbit hole of mycology, one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life.

How these lovable little guys may have influenced me is pretty outstanding. A brief animated clip has quite possibly proven to spark something so monumental in me that it not only changed who I am, it brought out the very best parts of me.

It is amazing the little things that can change a person’s life. It’s amazing how much these characters may have inspired me and mine. ⭐

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