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Holiday Hanger - Jack-o-Lantern Gills

Holiday Hanger - Jack-o-Lantern Gills

NEW! Let my dazzling handmade “holiday hanger” ornament/wall-hangers deliver a lasting burst of joy to your favorite season—or hang them on your wall all the year through!


Here are the specifications:

  • Hand-painted 3.5-4” round real wood slice
  • Features one gorgeous 3” round California mushroom photo printed on high-quality glossy photo paper
  • Photo has been hand-decorated with dewy silver glitter gloss paint
  • Sealed with clear glossy acrylic spray paint
  • Mushroom identification label on the back
  • Includes one colorful 2.5” fabric ribbon hanger
  • Carefully handcrafted with love
  • Great gifts for coworkers, neighbors, friends, family, and yourself!


The mushroom featured on this holiday hanger is:

“Jack-o-Lantern Mushroom”

(Omphalotus olivascens)


Please note that you will not receive the exact ornament pictured here, but a nearly identical one will be sent to you!

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