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Dare to Wonder

Original work by Anna Towers

🍄 About Me

Hello! My name is Anna and I am a fungi photographer. I am passionately driven to share a glimpse into the fabulously weird, wild, and wonderful world of mushrooms! As a dedicated lifelong mycophile, I am repeatedly inspired by the beauty these deeply fascinating, yet often overlooked organisms exhibit. For me, the curious array of vivid colors, alluring shapes, unusual textures, intricate sizes, and otherworldly functions are enchanting. Did you know that fungi could be so captivating? 


I have spent over a decade perfecting my craft—learning when, where and how to find a surprising variety of mushrooms; how to best capture their beauty on camera in varying lighting, settings, and circumstances; how to endure the required, yet often harsh and uncomfortable outdoor conditions; and how to successfully share this otherwise elusive mycological magic with as many people as possible. Not everyone can photograph mushrooms, and no one can photograph them exactly the way I can. It is my deepest hope that these mushrooms will mesmerize you as much as they do me! 

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