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Holiday Note Card Variety Pack - Multi-Celebration Set

Holiday Note Card Variety Pack - Multi-Celebration Set

Friendly Fungus Photography Holiday Series! 


Deliver your holiday messages wrapped in whimsy and wonder with my fabulous Friendly Fungus Photography note cards!


Each package of 6 enchanting, hand-assembled and fully customizable note cards includes 6 different designs inside, along with a paper insert that lists details and pictures of the contents. 


Here are the specifications:

  • Each 5” x 7” note card features one dazzling 4” x 6” California mushroom photograph on the cover
  • The cards are constructed from smooth, all-white 250 GSM/92.4 lb card stock and professional glossy Canon photo paper
  • Each card is blank inside with space to add any message of your choice
  • A label on the back of each card provides identification details and a festive quote describing the pictured mushroom  
  • One blank white envelope is included with each card
  • Cards are carefully hand-assembled and have been stamped with the official “Friendly Fungus Photography” silver seal of love
  • Great gifts for coworkers, friends, and family!


Each card in this set includes the following festive identifying information labeled on the back:

"Heart Elf Cup" - Valentine’s Day

(Scarlet Elf Cup / Sarcoscypha coccinea)

This heart-shaped “Scarlet Elf Cup” fungus is a water and wood-loving mushroom that also has a soft spot just for you!


"St. Patrick’s Waxcap" - St. Patrick’s Day

(Parrot Waxcap / Gliophorus psittacinus)

This parrot waxcap, the luckiest of all green mushrooms, is here to deliver you good fortune all the year through!


"Jack-o-Lantern Gills" - Halloween

(Jack-o-Lantern / Omphalotus olivascens)

This fungus appears nearly luminous—and in fact, it’s one of very few mushrooms that are “bioluminescent”, meaning they glow in the dark!


"Turkey Tail" - Thanksgiving

(Turkey Tail / Trametes versicolor)

Gobble, gobble! This “turkey tail” is actually growing on the forest floor! What a picturesque reminder that nature offers much to be grateful for.


"Christmas Waxcap" - Christmas

(Parrot Waxcap / Gliophorus psittacinus)

This gorgeous green and red waxcap mushroom dons its most festive, glossy cap for the Christmas season!


"Tiny Mighty Mycena" - New Years Eve

(Frosty Bonnet / Mycena adscendens)

Were you a tiny bug on the forest floor, with just the right evening light, might you view these tiny mushrooms as little fireworks in the sky?


Frameable art! These cards also look great in 5” x 7” photo frames!


Note that some of these colorful note cards are also sold separately as individuals.


Learn more about why our mushroom note cards are superior here.

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