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Note Card - Witches Hat Duo

Note Card - Witches Hat Duo

Deliver your messages wrapped in whimsy and wonder with my fabulous Friendly Fungus Photography note cards! 


Here are the specifications:

  • Each 5” x 7” note card features one dazzling 4” x 6” California mushroom photograph on the cover
  • The cards are constructed from smooth, all-white 250 GSM/92.4 lb card stock and professional glossy Canon photo paper
  • Each card is blank inside with space to add any message of your choice
  • A label on the back of each card provides identification details and a fun quote describing the pictured mushroom  
  • One blank white envelope is included with each card
  • Cards are carefully hand-assembled and have been stamped with the official “Friendly Fungus Photography” silver seal of love


The mushroom featured on this notecard is:

“Witches Hat"

(Hygrocybe conica)


The quote on the back identification label reads:

“A member of the “waxcap” genus, the glossy “Witches Hat” is well known for its vibrant yellow-orange hues and its charismatic conic cap!”


Frameable art! This card also looks great in a 5” x 7” photo frame!


Learn more about why our mushroom note cards are superior here.

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