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We know we live in wonderland. We don’t take this gift lightly!


We are Mendocino Coast photographers Anna & Lee! Our goal is to capture magic in the form of jaw-dropping local nature photography and delivery it to you.


We feel deeply privileged to spend our time discovering the most delicious, otherworldly natural wonders that thrive in our backyard. Wonders that very few people have access to… from deep within our primordial forests to our windswept coastline dotted with wildlife-laden tide pools, we are truly surrounded at any given time of year by marvels beyond our wildest imaginations!


Anna, a nature-lover from her earliest years, has been a professional photographer for the past decade (she is the artist behind the lens of “Friendly Fungus Photography”) and after college, earned her California Naturalist Certification from the University of California. Lee has lived in 12 different states, and travelled extensively through 35 before settling on a life in California and earning his degree from UC Berkeley. We met in the mid-2010s and married in 2020 (an intimate ceremony in Jackson State Forest with a honeymoon later at the historic Mendocino Hotel). When we’re not out exploring, we enjoy cooking, watching B movies, gardening, filling orders for local shops, working on a book, and spending time with our cat.


We find the Mendocino Coast to be truly unmatched; offering unparalleled scenery, innate healing qualities, a tight-knit compassion-driven community, quiet seclusion and unquestionable charm. Living here has been an absolute dream, and we feel so intensely grateful to be here, every single day!


We hope our photography will inspire wonder, awe, and appreciation for this enchanting slice of the California Coast that we hold so dear! We want to remind folks to please always take care in respecting our natural world. We prioritize watching our steps, following park rules, and treating all life forms we encounter with TLC. We expect others to do the same. We want to encourage appreciation for beauty—but never at the expense of compromising it in any way! Our miraculous environment deserves our reverence and care; please treat it well.


Thank you for following along—and please stay tuned! Much more will be coming to this space in the coming months.

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